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3D Wire Mesh Fence for sale in China Factory

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3D Wire Mesh Fence for sale in China Factory

hot sale 3D wire mesh fencing security mesh fence in China Factory.

Our clear view fence advantages

Anti-climb, anti-cut, prevent corrosion and have a long service life.

Hot-dipped galvanized and polyester coated for corrosion and rust resistance.

V-Bands in the clear view fencing panels creat more strength and rigidity,you can choose them to make the level of protection you need to protect your yard, swimming pool and other private domains.

Clear view fence panels fixing to square tube post makes maximum security and strength. We have a professional service team to serve you and have professional knowdage and fluent language. You can contact us for support at any time.

The transparent field of vision fence is suitable for high, medium and low security applications, as shown below:

Warehousing is isolated, and the work shop is subdivided and separayed from the site;

Road, railway, airport fence protection site;

Prisons, military security fences and military protection sites;

Medical facilities, education schools, recreational fences;

Residential areas, commercial areas, government agencies, fences or gates;

Industrial areas and farmhouse fences can also be applied to flat or inclined areas.

Price per square meter of clear view fence:

Due to different mesh apertures, the prices of transparent fence panels with different security levels are also different.

The high security clear vision fence board with the highest price, but this is the safest and most attractive wire mesh fence system.

The low security clear view fence panel with the largest mesh is a cost-effective fence.

In short, according to your actural fence application and budget cost, choose the most suitable fence for you.

If you don't know which one to choose, please send us an email to  tom@pgwiremesh .com or fill in the following contect, our engineers will design the right fencing solutions for you.

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