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Bastion Barrier


China Defensive Bastion Barrier manufacturer PeiGuan,  one original and professional exporter of defensive barrier in China. Blast wall barrier is one multi-celluar barrier system which is originally used in military base to protect soldier from being hurt of exploding by multiple rocket launcher, so it is also named as military security wall. 

The multi-celluar barrier system will be filled with some soil, earth, sand, gravel, broken stone, etc. 

We believe lots of people know HESCO barrier which is one famous brand of blast wall around the world. Our PeiGuan bastion barrier’s quality is the same as Hesco bastion barrier with more competitive price. Bastion wall is widely used in wars countries especially Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, many middle east countries. 

More details about military defense bastion barrier you want to know, please click the belowed showcases. PeiGuan can provide all standard PMIL units of securest barrier and all recoverable PMIL units of hesco bastion barriers,Hesco Barrier,Hesco Bastion,Hesco Wall.


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