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  • 358 anti-climbing fence, also known as "prison fence", is a high-security anti-climbing, anti-cutting welded steel wire mesh system. Has a better effect of preventing radiation and corrosion. Usually, in this product, the galvanized wire is welded to a fence panel with very fine openings. These openings allow human or animal limbs to pass through them or cannot be cut with bolt cutters. Therefore, it can be used in areas that require high security, private living places, and other geographic environments that require security.

  • 358 anti-climbing fence is a high-security, anti-corrosion and long-life protective fence, which can be used well in the following places:


    Military site.

    Detention center.

    Psychiatric hospital.

    AirportBridge & substation.

    Port of shipment.


    power plant.


  • The diameter of our fence line is between 2-6.5 mm, the mesh can be 75 mm × 12.5 mm, 100 mm × 15 mm, and other opening sizes can be provided on request.
    The maximum width is 2.515 m. It can also provide 2.0 m and 2.2 m upon request.
    The height of the fence varies from 2.0 m to 5.2 m.
    The 3 m high fence is usually used in schools, residences and entertainment venues, while the 5.2 m high fence is used in prisons and military sites.
    Our 358 high-security grid fences can be manufactured with double-layer vertical wires to meet the highest level of security requirements.


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