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Bastion Barrier PMIL 7

  • material: Hot Dipped Galvanised
  • Wire Dia: 4mm-5mm
  • Mesh Size: 75mm x 75mm or 3'' x 3''
  • Dimension: 2.21m×2.13m×27.74m
  • Cells: 5+4+4=13
  • Geotextile Fabric: 300g/㎡
  • Color: Grey,Beige or Military Green
  • Package: wrapped with shrink film or packed in pallet.
  • Application: Military Defensive Barrier, Flood Barrier, etc.
Military Defensvie Sand Barrier Wall

Military security wall China manufacturer-PeiGuan Metal Wire Mesh is specialist in designing and manufacturing military barriers. Military defensive barrier is one modern gabion structure lined with heavy geotextile, extensively used for military exercise, and as temporary or semi-permanet dike to prevent flood.

China Hesco barrier Military Defensive Barrier

In fact, the military blast barrier is a pre-fibricated galvanized gabion, the dimensions include 1*1*10m, 0.6*0.6*1.22m, 1.37*1.06*10m, etc. The mesh sizes of welded mesh is usually 75*75mm or 3*3 inch, and the wire diameter of galvanized gabion mesh should be 3mm, 4mm or 5mm. The steel wire material includes electric galvanized steel wire, hot-dipped galvanized steel wire and Zinc-Alumium steel wire(Galfan wire).

Military Hesco Defensive Barrier China Factory

Military barrier is developed to protect deployed personnel and widely used as fortification to protect facilities in military camps. The military barriers also can create a secure refuge to provide a safe place for refugees. Military defensive barrier is first used in gulf war, till now it is very convenient and efficient to deploy a blast wall rapidly to provide protection from both blast and ballistic threat during the war.

military hesco barrier Security Wall manufacturer

Any special dimensions of multi-cellular barrier system is available customized according to your requirements.All deployed recoverable type of military barrier wall can be reused and remove to another project, you just need to pull out the joining pins, then the filling materials will flow out the bastion baskets, the foldable military barriers would be tranported to another site easily.

Defence Barriers Installation:

Military Defensive Bastion Barrier Installation

Applications of Military Bastion Wall:
● Personnel bunkers   ● Guard post
● Police force points and Check points   ● Military Defensive barriers
● Perimeter security barrier or border barrier ● Temporary fort and command post
● Observation points and border checkpoints ● Shellproof defence barrier
● Alert or cautionary outpost  ● Flood prevention barrier
● Military barrier fortification system ● Permanent or Semi-permanent Dike

Reference photos:

Galvanised Military Sand Wall Hesco Barrier as military fortification military barriers buy hesco barriers bastion
Military Defensive Hesco Barriers China Factory Hesco Defensive Barrier (China Manufacturer)
Military Defensive Hesco Barrier China Manufacturer Military Defensive Hesco Barrier Made In China


Height(m) Width(m) Length(m) Cell No.
MIL1 5442R Hesco Barrier Bastion MIL1 5442R 54''(1.37M) 42''(1.06M) 32'9''(10M) 5+4
= 9 cells
MIL2 2424R Hesco Bastion Barrier MIL2 2424R 24'' (0.61M) 24''(0.61M) 4'(1.22M) 2 cells
MIL3 3939R Hesco Bastion Barrier MIL3 39''(1.00M) 39''(1.00M) 32'.9''(10M) 5+5
=10 cells
MIL4 3960R Hesco Bastion Barrier MIL4 39''(1.00M) 60''(1.52M) 32'.9''(10M) 5×2+5×2
=20 cells
MIL5 2424R Hesco Bastion Barrier MIL5 24''(0.61M) 24''(0.61M) 10'(3.05M) 5 cells
MIL6 6624R Hesco Bastion Barrier MIL6 66''(1.68M) 24''(0.61M) 10'(3.05M) 5 cells
MIL7 8784R Hesco Bastion Barrier MIL7 87''(2.21M) 84''(2.13M) 91'(27.74M) 5+4+4
=13 cells
MIL8 5448R Hesco Bastion Barrier MIL8 54''(1.37M) 48''(1.22M) 32'.9''(10M) 5+4
=9 cells
MIL9 3930R Hesco Bastion Barrier MIL9 39''(1.00M) 30''(0.76M) 30''(9.14M) 6+6  
=12 cells
MIL10 8760R Hesco Bastion Barrier MIL10 87''(2.21M) 60''(1.52M) 100'(30.50M) 5+5+5+5
=20 cells
MIL11 4812R Hesco Bastion Barrier MIL11 48''(1.22M) 12''(0.30M) 4'(1.22M) 2 cells
MIL12 8442R Hesco Bastion Barrier MIL12 84’’(2.13M) 42’’(1.06M) 108’(33M) 5+5+5+
=30 cells
MIL19 10842R Hesco Bastion Barrier MIL 19 108''(2.74M) 42’’(1.06M) 10'5’'(3.18M) 6 cells

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