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Chain Link Mesh Rolls normally come with line wire and knuckled edges. Barbed edges are more popular and with higher security.
  • Advantages of Chain Link Fence:
    • Chain Link Fence also called Cyclone chain link Fences or Diamond Mesh Fence.
    • Is made from steel wire fabrics. With variety of wire gauges and mesh size, Chain Link  Fencecan be designed according to different applications. Moreover, it has the features of low cost, transparencyand easy installation.
  • Chain Link Fence application scenarios:
    • Chain Link Fences are widely used in road, railway fencing projects.
    • This fencing product is also used for indoor decoration, poultry and small animal breeding, such as chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, and zoo fencing projects.
    • Other secenarious using Chain Link Fences are machinery and equipment protection, sports venues, green belt.
  • Surface treatment:
    • Hot dipped galvanized: popular used in backyard or athletic application for its smooth surface.

    • Vinyl coated: this kind provides protection from corrosion and have a choice of the colors.


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PeiGuan Wire Mesh Fence is designed to provide one-stop fencing solution for building demarcation and boundary protection.
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