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Comparison of welded gabion and braided gabion

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Comparison of welded gabion and braided gabion

The gabion is divided into welded gabion and braided gabion. Weaving gabion we are more common, commonly used in the river water; welding gabion commonly used in municipal construction, more beautiful.
Welded wire cage is made of high quality low carbon steel wire, in strict accordance with BS1052: 1986 standard through the automation, precision and accurate mechanical equipment row welding, electroplating, hot dip galvanizing, coating, impregnation or Gore process surface passivation, plastic Treatment. The spiral gutter is welded to form the front and rear panels, the floor and baffle components are compressed and the hoods are packed together. Folding Lashing The Gobbin product is an independent entity. Spiral gutter into the restricted area, in order to ensure quality, put it in a dry environment. Welding steel wire cage is widely used in foreign countries, mainly used for park landscape modeling, building facades, outsourcing business construction. Application examples: Shell office building wall decoration, China is now mainly used for urban landscape, park landscape. Welded stone cage construction is simple, beautiful, low cost, easy to install, garden decoration, slope protection ideal.
Welded stone cage net high-quality low-carbon steel wire, in strict accordance with national standards through automated, sophisticated and accurate mechanical equipment after welding forming, the use of electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, coated, impregnated or high- Passivation, plastic treatment. Welded stone cage network in industrial construction and other fields are widely used, mainly for building facades, park design and floor of the outer floor decoration.
1, welded seam girder mesh surface smooth and tidy, mesh uniform, solid solder joints, with a strong firmness, corrosion resistance, permeability and integrity and so on.
2, welded wire cage low cost, easy to install, is the courtyard decoration, slope protection of the ideal choice.
3, very good anti-stretch ability.
4, have a strong ability to resist natural damage and resistance to harsh climate.
5, welded seam girder on-site installation is simple and convenient and beautiful structure, save time and labor, high efficiency. 6, welding gypsum net installation time than the hexagonal cage save 40%. Compared with the hexagonal cages, the welding gyroscope can be better to maintain the "cage" When the filler is filled, the welded gypsum cage panel is not convex, keep the plane.

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