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Gabion in the loading and unloading should be noted

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Gabion in the loading and unloading should be noted

Gypsum net surface treatment methods are galvanized, hot galvanized, plastic, etc., in the transport process if not pay attention to protection is easy to scratch the surface of the protective layer, making it easy to rust corrosion, the effect will be greatly reduced , So how to avoid this unnecessary damage it?

Gabions will generally be made according to customer requirements corresponding to the cage, the factory in order to save space for transportation will be cage cage cage, compressed and then packaged, the application of forklift fork from the ground after the transport on the transport tool to prevent the cage Cage and the ground and the bottom of the friction scratches the surface of the cage cage, the number of layers should not be too much, the best three, each package is best to leave a certain gap between the cage to prevent gossamer between each other, Affect the unloading, but also to avoid the scratches.

Unloading should avoid brute force drag, the cage between the gossamer hook clear even after unloading to the designated venue, placed when the cage cages, the larger cages should be two people together lift Into the specified location, to avoid dragging a person scratched the cage cage surface coating.

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