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STAINLESS STEEL WIRE MESH china manufacturer
Used for screening and filtration in acid and alkali environment.

Also applied in the food, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, areospace and other industries.

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  • stainless steel wire netting China manufacturer
    Stainless Steel Mesh Weave Style:
    Plain Weave, Twill Weave, Dutch Weave

    Plain Weave: 1-400 Mesh
    Twill Weave: 35-635 Mesh
    Plain Dutch Weave: 8*85-80*400 Mesh
    Twill Dutch Weave: 20*250-500*3200 Mesh

  • fine stainless mesh

    Micron Stainless Steel Mesh

    High-Precision Micron Stainless Steel Mesh Can be Used for Filters, Beer Hop Filters, Coffee Filter, Seawater Desalination, Industrial Filtering, Food Industry Filtering.

    We can provide various micron stainless steel mesh made of various material such as 304, 304 L, 316, 316 L, 310 S, 410, 430, 904 L,etc.
  • 30 Advanced Looms Can Deliver High Quality Statinless Steel Wire Mesh In Time

    "Quality First, Reputation Above All" is our company culture. Our utra fine stainless steel mesh has earned a good reputation around the world such as USA,  Europe, Russia, Middle East, South Asia and Japan,etc.

    stainless steel mesh screen manufacturer China
  • Features:

    -Acid Resistant, Alkali Resistant and Corrosion Resistant, High Temperature Oxidation Resistant.

    1. -High Tensile Strength, Wear Resistant and Durable, Has Long Service Life.

    2. -High Surface Finish, No Surface Treatment, Easy and Simple Maintenance.

    micron stainless steel wire mesh
Anping PeiGuan is one Chinese leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel Mesh.
Any micron mesh size can be customized according to your request, 5 micron mesh, 10 micron mesh, 20 micron mesh, 25 micron mesh, 50 micron mesh, 100 micron mesh, 200 micron mesh, 250 micron mesh, 300 micron mesh, 400 micron mesh, 500 micron stainless steel mesh screen,etc.
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PeiGuan Wire Mesh Fence is designed to provide one-stop fencing solution for building demarcation and boundary protection.
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