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Today's Secret--The History of Fence making materials in China【A】

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Today's Secret--The History of Fence making materials in China【A】

Today's Secret-- The History of Fence Making materials in China.

                                   -----Chain Link Fence & galvanized Chain Link Fence &PVC Coating Chain Link Fence &  Wire Mesh Fence in China.

Iron wire is a kind of metal wire drawn from low-carbon steel. Iron wire has different compositions according to different uses. It contains iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, cabon, zinc, and other elementsd. Roll the hot metal billet into a 5mm thick steel bar, then put it into the wire drawing disc, and perform various processing techniques such as cooling, annealing, and coating. Wires of different specifications. According to industory strandards, the binding wire specifications are as follows: 0.50mm diameter 25# iron wire, 0.55mm diameter 24# iron wire, 0.60mm diameter 23# iron wire and 0.70mm diameter 22# iron wire, etc.

Rigid and soft

The production of iron wire developed earilier due to its simple process and wide application. Iron wire or steel wire (corresponding enterprise is "wire mesh enterprise") is a cold processed product of steel wire rod, and the material used is generally high-qulity carbon steel or stainless steel. Usually, it is necessary to go though several procedures such as shelling, pickling, washing sponification, drying, drawing, annealing, cooling, pickling, washing, galvanizing line, packaging, etc., to produce iron wire (steel wire). Iron ingot (steel ingot).

Do you know what process is commonly used for iron wire and steel wire currently on the market?

What's going on all the time, please see the next news, bye~

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