Security Fence


358 Security Fence

Small mesh opening offers no footholds for climbing.

Panel wires are firmly welded at every intersection and provide a solid and robust structure.

Solid welding joints, small mesh opening, together with thick wire diameter make the mesh is hard to be cut by hand or powered tools.

Galvanized and powder coating treatments offers excellent rust, corrosion and weather resistance performances.


Temporary Fence For Australia

Smooth and elegant appearance. The surface is well treated to eliminate all burrs for safe installation and removal.

Excellent applicability. It can be placed on a variety of grounds including soil, sand, asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Solid and strong base support. The concrete inside the plastic feet provide a solid and strong base support for the temporary fence.


Temporary Fence for Canada

Lightweight and moveable with detachable base. Its lightweight and detachable base make it easy to handle and transport.

Easy installation and removal. All assembly and disassembly works can be done by one single person without digging holes, which saves both time and labor.

A wide range of colors. All colors are available to meet your specific needs.


Temporary Chain Link Fence

Security. It can create an enclosure to prevent pedestrians from construction sites or other dangerous places and keep them safe from accidental injury.

Adaptability. It can be placed on various surfaces including sand, soil, asphalt and concrete.

Durability. High quality raw materials ensure its great corrosion, rust and weather resistance performances.


Chain Link Fence

Security. It can create an enclosure to prevent pets or kids out of the yard and protect their security.

Versatility. A variety of specifications and accessories for you to choose from to meet all your demands.

Less maintenance. Its high strength, solid structure and corrosion and weather resistance performances make it strong enough and require less maintenance.